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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Church and the People

Maybe it is time that I voice some thoughts that have been floating in my mind for a while now. Whilst Steven and Jenny's posts about same sex relationships and Eclessia de Lange's disciplinary hearing were the triggers for this post , it is not about Eclessia or the church and same sex relationships that I want to comment. Well , not directly anyway.

As I stated on my facebook status earlier today I have often wondered who made the church to be judge , jury and executioner ? Why is it that the church (I am speaking about the broader church and not a local congregation) thinks that it is it's job to judge and condemn people. Why is it that the church thinks that it is it's job to decide what is right and wrong and is acceptable for a child of God to do or not ?

In my surfing of the web and the blogs I have come across many people who are Christians. With similar values as myself. People who have good solid relationships with God. But who do not go to church. The churches are leaking members like a sieve . Because instead of being a place where grace and mercy is revealed and preached to all, the church has set itself up as watch dog and policeman over its members.

Why is it that in so many cases the church weighs up 'grace' against 'law' ? Why is grace and law posed as polar opposites ? I thought that God's grace , through Jesus Christ has come to fulfill the law. Not to stand against it.
Matthew 12:7 says :"7If you had known what these words mean, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the innocent."
 I wonder if the church realizes that more and more people are getting disillusioned with the church and leaving.  Please note: They are getting disillusioned with the church - not God.

Are we as a church one day going to stand guilty before God because we set up rules and regulations for people to follow instead of setting examples of how to live as Christians in a sinful world ? Are we going to stand guilty because we made people jump through all kinds off hoops before we allowed them into God's grace ?

Are we going to stand guilty because as a church we said things like : "We can not baptize a child born to a single mother."
" God can not love gay people - first repent and become straight - then God will love you"
" We can not bury this member of your family because his/her tithes are not paid up"

I have heard all of the above examples from churches that I have had dealings with.

The church has appointed itself as the guardian over morals and values and right and wrong , instead of doing what it was called to do. To proclaim God's Love , and Grace and Mercy to ALL sinners.

But , I guess it is easier to lay down rules and regulations and to create religious hoops for people to jump through than it is to live a daily example of Godly Love and Grace.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am still here

More than a month since my last post.

Really do not have much to say. I saw my son over the holidays and it was very nice. Got to spend some really nice time with him. Apart from that , every thing else is pretty mundane and same old , same old. I am still alive.